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Allen Corbin

Allen Corbin

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02/12/13 03:55 PM #1    

Steve Wagner

02/28/13 09:47 PM #2    

Susie Daube (Howell)

Allen Corbin--you were a sweet and kind friend.  Thank you for being a sweet and kind friend to me.  You will be greatly missed.......  Susie

03/03/13 07:46 PM #3    

Steve Wagner



ALLEN loved fast , and I do mean FAST, cars and certainly had a mess of them ( airplanes, too.  He also loved flying in his P-51 Mustang,  fast driving in his Cobras, Porsches, Ferrari and hunting.  

Just before his passing, he decided to start up a helicopter rescue service.  Unfortunately, a car crash took his own life and  his dream to help and save others never came to fruition.  Allen's  Bogie friends remember him fondly and miss him to this day.   REST  IN PEACE GOOD BUDDY.   Steve Wagner

05/12/13 10:48 AM #4    

Ken Carroll

I met Allen in Biology Class at Bogie.  We were lab mates among other things.  At SPJC in 64 he heard that I planned to travel to California and I needed a ride.  He had property in Aspen and planned to be there for the summer.  I answered a newspaper ad and hitched a ride to LA to join friends working with Route 66.  Allen had left me his Colorado phone number.  On a call and within one week Allen had joined Bob Brown and I in West Hollywood, Calif. for a two week stay.  The best part was a drive to Tijuana, Mexico, in his Cobra for the weekend and then trying to keep Allen out of trouble.  He had no fears -- huge taste for life. It was the 60's and Malibu came next and the Carroll Shelby Cobra plant.

Much later in life and living in Dunnellon, someone told me to check out Allen, who lived there on the Rainbow and worked with the local airport.  In my hesitation of only one week and with his phone number in hand, my wife handed me the obituary section and asked, " don't you know him?"  So fellow classmates.  Don't wait!

I thank Allen for telling me about the Sebring races.  To this day my two grandboys and I travel in March for the 12 hour race and always remember that ride to Mexico in the Cobra with Allen Corbin. 

Ken Carroll

06/05/13 05:01 PM #5    

John Savko

I remember the day Allen got a speeding ticket for going 1 mile per hour over the speed limit in good old Gulfport.  He slowed down that day, but not quite enough.  R.I.P. Allen.  You are greatly missed. 

John F. Savko

06/06/13 10:03 AM #6    

Merrily Taylor

Allen and I went to school together from Pasadena Elementary right through Bogie.    I remember him as a nice guy, and certainly one who liked fast cars (and I believe wrecked one or two before he got out of Bogie!)   His Dad was the Veterinarian for our pets and I suspect those of many in the Pasadena/Gulfport area.    I also remember biking over to his house one day in the summer and arriving only to faint from heat prostration (good old Florida in July...).   RIP, Allen, I trust you have found the fastest cars in Heaven!   

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